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Pontine Island

PONTINE ISLANDS: nearby the coast are the Pontine Islands. Ships and ferries are available in the harbours of Formia, Terracina and S. Felice Circeo. The archipelago is composed by two groups of islands, different one by the other for their location, morphology and size: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone and Gavi are part of the North – Western group; and Ventotene and the small island of S. Stefano are part of the South –eastern group The two main islands, Ponza e Ventotene, are sisters, but they are not twins: the cliffs of Ponza are very coloured and patchy; Ventotene is instead characterized by pleasant dark rocks. During Roman Age, the two islands had the same sad destiny to become a place of exile. During Borbon era, free citizens settled there, and during Fascism they became again a prison.


Colours, hues and nuances… the suggestion of the sea, the rocks and the houses. You are in Ponza, the first Island of the Pontine Archipelago! The main feature of this Island is beauty, but you can easily find a lot historical traces: Pilato’s grottoes, admirable work of engineering in the sea. Trekking lovers can have a pleasant walk on Monte Guardia to discover the very ancient necropolis.
People who has just visited Ponza in the past could discover Palmarola Island, so fascinating and wild, or Zannone Island, characterized by unspoilt nature and also sea site of Circeo National Park.

Grotte di Pilato - Ponza


Tour of the Island by coach: the stacks, the Turtle rock, the natural pools, Punta Incenso and the beach of Chiaia di Luna. Lunch. Optional tour by boat for visiting Pilato’s grottoes or relaxing walk in the alleys of the Island.

Monte Guardia - Ponza


Walk on Monte Guardia thought trails that show the flourishing Mediterranean garrigue and the great sea landscape. Visit of the necropolis, an old cemetery of expected Greek origins.

Chiaia di Luna - Ponza


Leaving from Ponza with large boats it is possible to reach Zannone Island. The Island is uninhabited and it is one of the site of Circeo National Park. Leaving from the Southern side, a walking trail surrounded by myrtle, brooms and lentisks leads you at the ruins of S. Spirito monastery. Hence you can reach the Northern side, where is an holm oak wood, the only one that survived at the settlement during XVIII century.

La cattedrale - Palmarola


Leaving from Ponza, it is possible to reach Palmarola Island. Circumnavigation of the Island: the stacks of Noon, the impressive rock called the Cathedral and the beach where is the Obsidian wall, a rare example of volcanic glass used during Stone Age. It is possible to arrange a simple lunch on board.


The Island that “takes the wind” can be visited entirely by foot thanks to its limited size, offering a profuse view of the beach and the sea all around. In spite of its size, there are a lot of places to visit: the residence in which Giulia, Emperor Augustus’ daughter, lived in exile; a museum that collects the historical ruins of the Island for an educational tour; a sink where people collected water during Roman Age that is called Prisoners’ sink.
It is also possible to get a boat and reach the near S. Stefano Island, where are the famous Bourbon’s Prisons or just have a circumnavigation of the Island from Punta Eolo to Punta Arco.

Cala nave - Ventotene


Walking tour: the Roman Harbour, the Church of St. Candida, the tower-fortress, the beach of Cala Nave and the Roman fish - pond. Visit of the civic museum or circumnavigation of the Island by boat.

Ventotene - Villa Giulia


The Roman Harbour, the archeological area of Giulia’s villa and the Prisoners’ sink, water tank of Roman Age used during XVIII century as a shelter for prisoners.

Carcere dell'isola di S. Stefano


Leaving from Ventotene, with cosy boats, it is possible to reach S. Stefano Island. Here, it is possible to reach by foot the Bourbon’s prisons, famous for their unique structure and for giving hospitality to Sandro Pertini, Italian ex-President, during Fascism.


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