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Piana delle Orme and city of Latina

LATINA: the Capital town is not a touristic city, but a commercial and industrial one; anyway it is possible to draw attention to the centre of the city: the Rationalist Architecture and the Museum Duilio Cambellotti.
The territory of Latina is characterized by interesting villages and sights for many reasons.
Nearby Le Ferriere, settled at the borders with the Province of Rome, is still possible to visit S.Maria Goretti martyrdom’s house and also the archeological area of Satricum.
Between Borgo Faiti and Borgo S. Michele is the museum of Piana delle Orme, a great collection of modern art which illustrates the recent history of Pontine country! It is an exhibition estate composed by set designs and it is an absolute work of art, the only one of its kind in Italy. In the area Lido di Latina is one of the entrances of Circeo National Park: the one who leads you nearby Fogliano Lake for visiting a particular botanical garden of palms, by applying for a previous booking by us.


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Piana delle Orme - Latina

PIANA DELLE ORME: it is useful to point out this museum, that is impossible to describe and it should be seen with your own eyes! It is a set design tour composed by several pavilions that illustrate the history of the Pontine Country, from its origins until the work of drainage of Fascism era.
There are also some installations that describe the main events of the Second World War, Anzio’s landing and the Battle of Montecassino.

All the installations have been created with original and working tools and machinery.


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