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Circeo National Park and Sabaudia

SABAUDIA AND SAN FELICE CIRCEO: San Felice Circeo is a very old city, as proved by the presence of the polygonal walls and a Knight -Templar tower. Sabaudia, the new city of the countryside, was built on April 15, 1934 and represents a shining example of Italian Rationalism. Both the cities are part of the Circeo National Park.
The first town represents the hilly area of the park and it will be appreciated by trekking lovers because they will visit with pleasure the so called Goats Cave. The second city is characterized by the last plain forest in Italy and the coastal lakes included in the area of the park. Nature and history are available in several routes: it is also possible to have an easy panoramic tour by coach, which is useful to look up to all the different settings and elements of biodiversity of the park.

Torre Medievale - San Felice Circeo San Felice Circeo Grotta delle capre - San Felice Circeo Foresta di pianura - San Felice Circeo Chiesa dell' Anunziata


CIRCEO NATURAL PARK: the park includes about 8.300 hectares of land and the cities of Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo and Latina, and it is the smallest park in Italy.
Even if it is characterized by a moderate size, it includes many elements of biodiversity thanks to the presence of many and various environments: from the dunes to the lakes, from the mountains to the plain.
You may have several tours: the promontory with the so called Goats Cave that preserves fossils ruins, the plain forest with the pools, the panoramic tour of the Rationalist city of Sabaudia; the residence of the Emperor Domitianus.

Promontorio del Circeo - San Felice CirceoCLASSIC TOUR

Walk in the plain forest, visit of the “lestre”, the old villages previously the drainage. Panoramic tour by coach: city of Sabaudia, symbol of Italian Rationalism; Paola lake; the coastal dunes and Circeo promontory.

Villa Domziano - San Felice CirceoHISTORY AND NATURE TOUR

Visit of Paola lake by ferry and visit of the archeological area of the residence of the Emperor Domitianus: the thermal baths, the outhouse, the sinks for collecting water.

Foresta planiziaria - San Felice CirceoEDUCATIONAL TOUR

Visit of the Visitor Centre where is shown the flora and fauna of the park and the land reclamation activities, such as the coal cellars. Walk in the forest and visit of the pool of “verdesca”, the marsh; stop to the corral to see the deers and the wild boars.


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